15 Best Zoro Outfits In One Piece

During the Straw Hat Pirates’ travels throughout One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy and his crewmates have received several wardrobe changes — Roronoa Zoro, the first addition to the crew, is no exception. Although his green-haired grit is ever-present, Zoro’s aesthetic has changed alongside some of the best outfits seen in the series.

With One Piece hitting 25 years of continuous publication in July 2022, the series is moving into uncharted waters for the shonen genre. Few anime franchises have ever captured the interest of audiences for such an extended period of time, providing author Eiichiro Oda the unique opportunity to thoroughly explore a world that feels as large as it does familiar.

Updated on October 5th, 2023 by Kennedy King: The end of the Wano Country Arc is a bittersweet moment for One Piece fans, simultaneously signaling the beginning of an exciting new saga and the end of a historic narrative sequence. Thankfully, the future of One Piece is guaranteed to introduce a host of new outfits to the series, including several that will be worn by the crew’s resident swordsman, Roronoa Zoro.

15 Dressrosa Cat Disguise

Roronoa Zoro wearing a cat disguise during One Piece's Dressrosa Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates’ time in Dressrosa Kingom results in several key developments, the most notable of which is Monkey D. Luffy’s defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo. However, it’s also an important sequence for Roronoa Zoro, who dons several different outfits throughout the course of the Dressrosa Arc.

At one point, several of the Straw Hat Pirates wear animal-themed outfits in an attempt to avoid detection. Despite his normally-serious demeanor, Zoro sports an adorable cat costume that helps him slip past Doflamingo’s forces.

14 Beast Pirates Disguise

Roronoa Zoro wearing a Beast Pirates disguise during One Piece's Wano Country Arc

One Piece‘s Wano Country Arc is the longest arc in the entire series, spanning over 150 episodes and three separate acts. Roronoa Zoro ends up in a variety of different situations during his time in the land of samurai, and at one point, he wears a Beast Pirates disguise in an attempt to infiltrate Kaido’s forces.

Zoro isn’t a Zoan-type Devil Fruit user like most of the Beast Pirates, but his fierce spirit and indomitable will are a perfect fit for the pirate crew. Although one would think that his green hair would be a dead giveaway, the swordsman’s costume works like a charm and hides his identity until the Straw Hat Pirates are prepared to strike.

13 Drum Island Outfit

Roronoa Zoro trying to stay warm during One Piece's Drum Island Arc.

Drum Island is the Straw Hats’ third stop in the Grand Line and introduces the crew to its beloved doctor reindeer, Tony Tony Chopper. Luffy, Zoro, and the rest of the crew land upon its icy shores in hopes of finding a cure for the sickness that Nami contracted during her time on Little Garden, but it also provides a great early-series costume change for their resident swordsman.

Zoro’s outfit marks the first notable departure from his classic, pre-timeskip look, giving him ample cover from Drum Island’s harsh weather. The fur-lined green coat, however short-lived, is Zoro’s only major winter outfit in One Piece, so it stands out.

12 Arlong Park Outfit

Roronoa Zoro relaxing during the Arlong Park Arc of One Piece.

Every island that results in a new Straw Hat Pirate is notable in some form or fashion; however, the crew’s visit to Arlong Park is exceptionally memorable, gifting fans with the best crewmate-related arc in One Piece. The events of Conomi Islands, which provide the setting for the Arlong Park Arc, conclude with the official addition of Nami to the crew, but it also outfits Zoro with one of his most relaxed appearances in One Piece.

Although Zoro is recovering from his brutal defeat at the hands of Dracule Mihawk during the fight against the Arlong Pirates, Zoro’s unbuttoned blue shirt and bandaged torso insinuate that he is taking it easy during the events of this arc, perfectly complementing the swordsman’s nonplused attitude.

11 Skypiea Outfit

Roronoa Zoro during the events of One Piece's Skypiea Arc

Roronoa Zoro’s pre-timeskip outfits are usually more reserved than those he wears after the two-year break, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less memorable. In fact, the clothes that he wears while he and the Straw Hat Pirates are in Skypiea are one of his most memorable outfits in One Piece.

The blue shirt that Zoro has on during the Skypiea Arc resonates with his airborne surroundings, and his goggles perfectly match the adventurous tone of the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey through the sky island. Although it’s unlikely, a return to these simplistic character designs would be a welcome addition to future One Piece arcs.

10 Third Wano Country Outfit

Roronoa Zoro wearing his third outfit during One Piece's Wano Country Arc

None of the Straw Hat Pirates have a deeper connection to Wano Country than Roronoa Zoro. His ancestors came from the land of samurai, so it’s only natural that he plays a major role while the Straw Hat Pirates are on the island. The swordsman’s outfits during this sequence certainly reflect his significance, and in particular, his third outfit from the arc stands out as one of One Piece‘s best.

Roronoa Zoro’s third outfit in Wano Country is similar to his post-timeskip design, but rather than featuring a green color scheme, it opts for black and red. Although this change is subtle, it’s a great way to highlight the grave nature of the Raid on Onigashima.

9 Dressrosa Disguise

Roronoa Zoro in disguise during the Dressrosa Arc in One Piece.

Dressrosa stands out as a much more serious arc than most of its peers, especially those taking place pre-timeskip; however, that doesn’t mean the arc was without levity. In order to stay incognito upon first entering Donquixote Doflamingo’s island, the Straw Hat Pirates sport some truly wacky costumes as makeshift disguises.

Zoro’s disguise, defined by its out-of-place formality, consists of a suit akin to Sanji’s traditional outfit, a pair of sunglasses, and a hilariously large fake mustache. While his identity is, at best, vaguely hidden by the getup, it serves its purpose and hides the former bounty hunter’s presence until the crew is ready to announce their arrival on the island.

8 Film Z Outfit

The Straw Hat Pirates in their respective outfits from One Piece Film: Z.

One Piece films are known for introducing multiple, brand-new costumes to the Straw Hat Pirates, and 2012’s One Piece Film: Z is no exception. Centered around the crew’s efforts to take down former Marine Admiral “Black Arm” Zephyr, Film: Z includes the best movie outfit ever given to the green-haired swordsman.

Luffy and Zoro have always shared a uniquely strong connection, but this film doubles down on the concept, dressing the two characters in similar clothes that stand apart. Even though the appearance isn’t necessarily keeping in line with Zoro’s normal aesthetic, the bond formed between the two characters by their outfits is more than enough to warrant mention.

7 Alabasta Outfit

Roronoa Zoro in the Alabasta Arc in One Piece.

Nefertari Vivi, princess of Alabasta Kingdom, becomes close friends with the Straw Hat Pirates throughout the Little Garden and Drum Island Arcs. Vivi eventually serves as the catalyst for their bid to unseat Crocodile’s iron grip over the desert-covered island.

Each member of the Straw Hats receives a costume change during this arc, yet Zoro’s outfit stands out tremendously. The outfit tacks on a unique, black-and-white patterned cloak and peach-colored hood to his iconic pre-timeskip look, resulting in one of Zoro’s most memorable esthetics.

6 Saobody Archipelago Outfit

Roronoa Zoro ready for battle during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc in One Piece.

Before One Piece’s timeskip, changes to Zoro’s appearance were generally minor touches. However, as evidenced by his Saobody Archipelago outfit, this minimalist approach didn’t prevent author Eiichiro Oda from illustrating one of “Pirate Hunter” Zoro’s best designs in the series.

The Saobody Archipelago arc introduces a wide array of characters to the audience (including the remaining members of the Supernovas), so many fans fail to appreciate the candy cane-esque shirt that Zoro adopts during his time on the island. This fun bit of visual characterization coincides with Saobody’s emphasis on the interactions between Supernovas, adding to what was already a unique atmosphere for One Piece.

5 Egghead Island Outfit

Roronoa Zoro during the events of One Piece's Egghead Island Arc

One Piece‘s post-Wano narrative has unfolded at a breakneck pace, quickly ushering in the series’ long-awaited final saga. However, while the Straw Hat Pirates’ arrival on Egghead Island sent shockwaves throughout the Grand Line, it also gave fans something else to be excited about — a brand-new set of costumes.

After spending much of his time in Wano Country wearing traditional Japanese clothing, Roronoa Zoro now sports a shockingly modern design. Inspired by the science fiction tropes atmosphere seen throughout Egghead Island, Zoro’s cyberpunk outfit is unlike anything seen in One Piece, making it extremely memorable compared to the rest of his wardrobe.

4 Enies Lobby Outfit

Roronoa Zoro after defeating Kaku in One Piece.

Nico Robin’s cat-and-mouse game with the World Government goes through several phases during her time with the Straw Hat Pirates, but never does it reach a more intense boiling point than her time at Enies Lobby. A large portion of One Piece’s fanbase would choose her rescue at the hands of the Straw Hats as their favorite moment in the entire series, so it’s only appropriate that the arc would introduce some of the best outfits the crew has ever worn.

In particular, Zoro’s burnt-yellow jacket stands out as the most eye-popping addition made by Eiichiro Oda.One Piece’s costume changes often function as a fun gimmick in the series; however, the swordsman’s iconic jacket somehow goes a step beyond novelty, capturing the daunting, life-or-death atmosphere that Enies Lobby is known for.

3 Post-Timeskip Outfit

Roronoa Zoro post-timeskip in One Piece.

After the two-year timeskip between One Piece’s Marineford and Return to Sabaody Arcs, fans were extremely excited to see what changes, if any, had transpired among the Straw Hats. As a result of this anticipation, the community was overjoyed when they were introduced to the well-designed, brand-new looks of the series’ main characters.

While literally every member of Luffy’s crew was rewarded with a sleek new character design, his second-in-command, Zoro, especially benefited from the visual overhaul. Following One Piece’s timeskip, the three sword-style user is outfitted in an all-green coat and red sash, complementing his still-present lime green haramaki and trademark hair color. This combination of old staples and New World appeal results in arguably the best post-timeskip outfit of all the Straw Hat Pirates.

2 Zorojoro Disguise

The Wano Arc has almost certainly changed the landscape of One Piece more than any in the entire series. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance not only dethroned two of the four Yonko, but it also liberated the long-abused island of samurai from Kaido’s grasp — in order to accomplish this coup, Zoro donned a Wano-themed disguise, resulting in the character’s best outfit in recent memory.

“Zorojuro,” the title that Luffy’s first mate adopts during the beginning of his time on the island, completely reinvents his appearance and dresses in a traditional, Japanese-inspired set of clothes. His cloud-patterned kimono, dark green haori, and chonmage-style hair are all wonderful touches that attach Zoro to the samurai concept more effectively than ever before.

1 Pre-Time Skip Outfit

Roronoa Zoro, pre-timeskip in One Piece.

Roronoa Zoro may have lineage stemming from the samurai-filled island of Wano, but that will never change the tenacious swordsman’s origin story. The infamous “Pirate Hunter” started out as a scrappy young brat who bucked the conventions of traditional swordsmanship with his unconventional three sword-style, determination, and grit — all of which is represented by his iconic, understated pre-timeskip outfit.

Zoro’s white shirt, greenish-black pants, and lime green haramaki seem understated at first glance; however, when Zoro transfers his bandana to his head and unsheathes all three of his blades, the impact of his wardrobe finally becomes apparent. Nothing will distract Zoro from his singular focus: taking the title of the World’s Greatest Swordsman from Dracule Mihawk. Not a single element of One Piece quite captures this spirit like the clothes Zoro’s wearing the very first moment Luffy and the audience lay their eyes upon him.

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