10 Dragon Ball Fan Theories Better Than The Actual Anime

Dragon Ball’s creative fandom has put their passion to the test with some winning theories that are on par with Toriyama’s own ideas—or even better.

10 Dragon Ball Theories

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has been a consistent source of entertainment for anime and manga fans for more than 35 years and this has led to a strong synergy between Dragon Ball’s audience and its creator. Dragon Ball understands how to embrace certain shonen storytelling tropes and patterns while also subverting these conventions in ways that continue to surprise the dedicated fans.

What’s fascinating about Dragon Ball‘s fandom is that they’ve taken such ownership over the property and deconstructed even the smallest detail so that every element is rich in nuance. There are some incredible fan theories that are the product of passionate audiences that trump many of Dragon Ball‘s actual plot twists.

10 Goku & Vegeta Will Be Universe 7’s God Of Destruction & Angel

Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta fight Gas in Dragon Ball Super manga

Goku and Vegeta used to match each other’s accomplishments, only to recently forge their own paths that resemble those of Beerus and Whis in many ways. Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation is reminiscent of Whis’ zen-like Angel abilities while Vegeta continues to excel in the ways of destruction, especially after his recent Ultra Ego metamorphosis.

There’s been speculation that Goku and Vegeta are actually destined to become Universe 7’s next Angel and God of Destruction. Dragon Ball Super might even end with Goku and Vegeta ascending to these celestial statuses.

9 Bulma & Frieza’s Irresponsible Wishes Are Building Towards Shadow Dragon Return

The Shadow Dragons reveal themselves in Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT remains a controversial chapter in the franchise. However, it still addresses some compelling ideas that fans would like to see show up in Dragon Ball Super. GT‘s Shadow Dragons are the result of humanity’s history of selfish Dragon Ball wishes that squander this precious resource.

Dragon Ball Super has had more negligent wishes, especially when it comes to vain beauty requests from Bulma and Frieza; that makes it seem like the perfect time for a canonical Shadow Dragon return. It’s a more appropriate idea now than when it was first done in Dragon Ball GT.

8 Trunks Is Destined To Join The Time Patrol With Chronoa

Time Patrol Trunks with the Supreme Kai of Time in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball video games have created a rich mythology of their own that nicely complements the anime series. The Xenoverse series and beyond have created concepts like the Time Patrol, which have then been expanded upon in promotional anime like Super Dragon Ball Heroes with characters like Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time.

Trunks is a character who’s become so intrinsically linked to time travel that this video game concept feels increasingly plausible, especially after Dragon Ball Super‘s return to time travel and its introduction of a multiverse. Seemingly omnipotent individuals like Whis make ideas like time travel and a Time Patrol seem even more likely, too.

7 Upcoming Movies Will Make Other DBZ Movie Villains Canon

Turles holds fruit in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

Dragon Ball Super‘s feature films have broken new ground for the franchise in the sense that they’re actually new canonical adventures rather than fantastical reimaginings like in the original Dragon Ball or filler fights with villains in Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Super: Broly was such a success even though it remixed a story that audiences already knew from Dragon Ball Z‘s movies.

This now seems like a viable way to bring into the canon other popular antagonists like Lord Slug, Turles, Janemba, and Bojack. These may be characters who technically aren’t new, but fans have never been more excited to see them show up.

6 Yamoshi, The First Super Saiyan God, Is Still Coming

Yamoshi, the first Super Saiyan God, in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball has gotten a little reckless when it comes to its Super Saiyan lore. The series depicts Goku as its first Super Saiyan, but it’s also created some inconsistencies that go against this, whether it’s Bardock’s transformation in Episode of Bardock or the implications that are made with Broly.

There are also allusions to Yamoshi, an ancient Saiyan figure who’s apparently the Super Saiyan God prototype. Yamoshi has fed such frenzied fan speculation that there’s a belief Yamoshi will finally show up as an upcoming movie villain as a way to put this debate to rest.

5 The Oracle Fish’s Strongest Warrior Prophecy Is About Black Frieza

Black Frieza knocks out both Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super manga

The Oracle Fish has become a curious Dragon Ball Super character who is rarely turned to but always holds tremendous potential. In the 68th chapter of Dragon Ball Super‘s manga, the Oracle Fish provides a foreboding prophecy that Universe 7’s strongest warrior has just risen.

This initially caused debate over whether this applies to Gas, Goku, Vegeta, or even Granolah or Broly. However, the story arc ends with the reveal of Black Frieza, who’s stronger than both Goku and Vegeta combined, and fans have speculated that the Oracle Fish has actually been talking about Frieza.

4 Piccolo Will Sacrifice Himself For Pan & She’ll Become A Super Saiyan

Piccolo and Pan cool down from training in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Pan’s increased presence in Dragon Ball Super, particularly the Super Hero feature film, has some audiences hopeful that this character will finally turn into a Super Saiyan. Pan won’t be the first female Super Saiyan, but there’s still a deficit in this department and Pan has all the potential to become even stronger than the rest of her family.

Super Hero highlights how Piccolo has taken Pan under his wing, just like he did with Gohan, and helped train her to new heights. History could repeat itself and Piccolo might have to sacrifice himself to save Pan’s life. Fans believe that this will finally be what triggers Pan’s first Super Saiyan transformation.

3 Cooler Will Be Required To Take Out Black Frieza

Golden Cooler attacks in Dragon Ball Super Heroes

Dragon Ball Z tried to keep a clear separation between its manga villains and feature film foes, despite their popularity and prevalence in Dragon Ball video games. Dragon Ball Super has started to break this tradition and bring Dragon Ball Z movie villains canonically into the franchise through its films.

This approach’s success with Broly has led to fan speculation that other population villains like Lord Slug and Cooler will soon be on the way. Cooler, Frieza’s brother, is the only one of these villains who actually has a legitimate reason to return. Black Frieza’s incredible strength would give the heroes a viable excuse to recruit Cooler’s help to take out his renegade brother.

2 Namekian Are Actually The Lowest Level Of Kai

Dende recreates Earth's Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball has slowly left the comfort of Earth’s atmosphere and introduced multiple alien races as well as a myriad of celestial deities in the Kai family. Namekians make up some of the most important individuals in Dragon Ball and if not for them there wouldn’t be any Dragon Balls in the first place.

Some Dragon Ball fans have speculated that the Namekian race is actually the lowest tier of Kai due to their ability to heal individuals as well as create Dragon Ball sets and become a planet’s guardian. It’s not much of a stretch to envision Dragon Ball‘s Kami as one celestial tier below King Kai.

1 Vegeta’s Saiyan Saga Arrival Is Actually Because Of Bulma’s Wish For A Boyfriend

Vegeta travels to Earth in a Saiyan pod in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball features some impressive foreshadowing over the course of the series. That being said, there’s a certain fan theory that connects some disparate dots that would make for some masterful storytelling if it were actually Toriyama’s intention. Bulma’s ultimate Dragon Ball wish during the original series is to get a boyfriend.

This hormonal whim is dismissed and there’s a certain presumption that Yamcha is meant to fulfill this role. However, Vegeta’s arrival on Earth during the Saiyan Saga is interpreted by some to be Bulma’s wish coming to fruition. Vegeta does become Bulma’s partner, but it’s grim to think that the Saiyan Saga’s many casualties are technically Bulma’s fault.

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