10 Dragon Ball Androids Stronger Than Baytah

   In the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super, the Red Ribbon Army’s Androids have begun making a reappearance. Goten and Trunks have been able to take them out with relative ease thus far, though they appear to be growing in strength with each interaction. The latest Android that has been dispatched to spy on the Saiyamen, Beta-1, also known as Baytah, has offered a new kind of challenge for the two Saiyan superheroes.

   In Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super, Baytah displayed a new level of strength absent from the minions that Trunks fought in the previous chapter. Even though Baytah is considerably more powerful than the first Androids Trunks and Goten encountered at Dr. Hedo’s laboratory, he’s still nothing in comparison to some of the others that the Z Fighters faced throughout the series.

   10 Android 20 Was The Brains Behind The Operation

Dr. Gero in Dragon Ball Z.


   As an Android, Dr. Gero was a powerful villain in terms of strength alone. However, his greatest successes were in the creation of the Androids themselves. Dr. Hero’s genius has continued to haunt Goku and his friends long after they defeated Dr. Gero’s physical body.

   As Dr. Gero’s grandson, Hedo, continues his grandfather’s work in Dragon BallSuper, Dr. Gero increasingly holds influence over the Dragon Ball universe. Even though he isn’t the strongest of the Androids, his strength and overall impact on the series greatly eclipses that of Baytah.

   9 Android 19 Learned The Power Of The Prince Of Saiyans

Android 19 gets ready to absorb energy in Dragon Ball Z.


   Android 19’s ability to drain the ki energy out of organic lifeforms made him one of the most difficult enemies yet for the Z Fighters. In the end, though, Android 19 was no match for the newly Super Saiyan Vegeta, who made short work of the artificial martial artist.

   If Baytah were to fight the Z warriors in the state that 19 did, he might have stood more of a chance. As it stands, though, Goten and Trunks are even more powerful than Vegeta was during the Android Saga, and Baytah was given largely the same treatment that 19 was.

   8 Android 16 Couldn’t Be Controlled

Android 16 smiles in Dragon Ball.


   Android 16 was actually one of the more powerful of the Androids during the Cell Saga. Being that Goten and Trunks were able to take out Baytah without even going Super Saiyan, 16 was most defiantly superior to Baytah in terms of strength. However, 16’s peaceful demeanor made him more of a lover than a fighter.

   In fact, not only did 16 prefer peace, but he even decided to stand against Cell because of it. Android 16’s final sacrifice, thanks to Hercule, served as the catalyst which helped Gohan break through his self-imposed emotional limitations and ultimately unlock the power needed to take Cell down once and for all.

   7 Android 18 Will Fight To Protect Her Family

Android 18 prepares for battle in Dragon Ball Super.


    Android 18’s story of redemption through love is definitely one of the more heartwarming in Dragon Ball alongside the likes of Piccolo and Vegeta. Just as she has grown exponentially as a character, she has also grown equally in strength over the years.

   While 18 isn’t as focused on fighting as she used to be in her younger days, she would still easily mop the floor with Baytah. Being that she now has kids of her own, she likely wouldn’t have been as merciful as Goten and Trunks were if she knew that Baytah was putting schoolchildren in danger.

   6 Android 17 Is More Human Than Ever

Android 17 in Dragon Ball.


   Android has grown a lot since he first entered the series in DBZ, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his pure power. In fact, Android 17 proved himself to be one of the strongest allies the Z Fighters have in the Tournament of Power, and there’s just no way Baytah could even come close to him.

    Android 17 fought against the multiverse’s greatest warriors and lived to tell the tale, including the mightiest of all: Jiren. For a warrior who stood up against fighters like that, Baytah would be nothing but a joke for 17.

   5 Android 13 Was A Prototype For The Earth’s Greatest Threat

Android 13 fights Goku in Dragon Ball Z movie.


   Android 13 was supposed to be the first prototype for a Cell-like being that could absorb the other Androids to increase his power. In his awakened form, 13 became a powerhouse resembling more of a legendary Super Saiyan like Broly than an Android like Cell.

   While 13 wasn’t around for long enough to make a big impact, he did give Goku a run for his money. Similar to how he unlocked Ultra Instinct against Jiren, Goku absorbed the power of the spirit bomb and focused it into a punch that destroyed 13 for good.

   4 Cell Was The Ultimate Android

Perfect Cell exudes confidence in Dragon Ball Z.


   One of the most iconic anime villains of all time, Cell redefined what true power meant in Dragon Ball Z. His unique blend of abilities drawing from all the strongest of the Z Warriors seemed like an insurmountable challenge for Gohan and the others.

   Baytah just wasn’t created with the sole intention of creating a powerful warrior like Cell was. Dr. Hedo tends to put more emphasis on personality in his creations than his grandfather did, and that definitely shows in contrast between Baytah and Cell’s strengths and weaknesses.

   3 Super 17 Was Born In Hell

Super Android 17 releases Electro Eclipse Bomb in Dragon Ball GT anime.


   Super 17 was created as the end result of a nightmare-inducing collaboration between Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. Like Cell before him, Super 17 had the capability to absorb Androids 17 and 18 in order to reach new, previously unimaginable levels of power.

   Not only was Super 17 far more powerful than Baytah, but he was also definitely more ruthless in his approach. While Baytah resorted to playing a number of pranks on Trunks to try to figure out if he was the Saiyaman, Super 17 immediately escalated to killing Goku’s closest friends without remorse.

   2 Android 21’s True Strength Is Yet To Be Seen

Evil Android 21 gets coy in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


   Though she hasn’t canonically appeared in the Dragon Ball manga, Android 21 was created by Akira Toriyama originally for the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game. However, her human form was recently revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, suggesting that her Android form will see a more formal introduction in the series soon.

   Of all the Androids, 21 may be the strongest due to her being infused with the cells of Majin Buu. Until her true strength is shown in the mainline series, though, it remains to be truly tested in comparison to the others.

   1 Cell Max Brought Out Gohan’s Innate Potential

Cell Max attacks in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Card.


   In Dragon Ball Super, Dr. Hedo creates Cell Max mostly out of necessity to raise the funds to work on his more personal projects — Gamma 1 and 2. As an improved version of Cell, Max is even more powerful than his spiritual ancestor and also infinitely more ruthless.

   However, most of Cell Max’s ruthless nature stems from the fact that he is released before he is finished growing and thus lacks the intellectual capacity that Cell had. Even without the intelligence, though, Cell Max is powerful enough to fight on par with Golden Piccolo, something Baytah wouldn’t even be able to fathom.

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