10 Best Anime You Can Watch Out Of Order

   Like with all media, most anime series are best watched from start to finish. However, some can be enjoyed just as much when watched out of order. From lengthy series with hundreds of episodes to anime with little to no continuity, there are plenty of series out there that don’t require the audience to watch the episodes in the order they’re released in.

   While even the most episodic series have a plot to follow, many anime are easy to jump into at any point, making them much easier for newcomers looking to get into a series for the first time. Though some fans will argue that anime should be watched from the beginning, some of the best series out there allow fans to skip around and still keep up.

   10 One Piece Has Over One Thousand Episodes To Get Through

One Piece The Thousand Sunny Is About to Get Way More Crowded Image


   Many fans will agree that One Piece is a fairly intimidating series to keep up with. Out of the famed Big Three, it’s the only series that hasn’t yet reached its conclusion, which is a feat all its own. It has over one thousand episodes for newcomers to sift through before they can catch up.

   Luckily, its length makes it pretty easy to pick up and put down, so viewers can skip over to more plot-relevant arcs if they so desire. Of course, there may be a bit of confusion here and there, but overall, new fans will be able to grasp everything, even if they don’t watch every episode as it airs.

   9 Inuyasha’s Plot Moves Slowly Thanks To Its Filler

Main characters from Inuyasha.


   If there’s one thing Inuyasha is well-known for, it’s having an exhausting amount of filler. There are several seasons dedicated to nothing but filler arcs, with almost no plot-worthy episodes whatsoever. For most fans, this is a frustrating reality, but for the casual watchers, Inuyasha’s many filler episodes actually make for a much easier watch.

   With so much filler, viewers can miss multiple episodes and still be able to follow along with what’s happening. Since the canon plot progresses so slowly, chances are fans won’t miss anything if they skip around.

   8 Osomatsu-San Has Very Little Continuity

The Matsuno brothers from Mr. Osomatsu sitting together in a row


   While most anime series at least follow along a loose plotline, Osomatsu-san does almost the exact opposite. The main focus of the series is on its comedy, so there’s very little story and not much continuity between episodes.

   Some might not like this style, but for those who prefer to watch a few episodes here and there, it’s pretty handy. Viewers don’t really have to watch the series in any particular order to get enjoyment out of it. Just about every episode could work as a one-off, so those just tuning in can still laugh along with the hardcore fans.

   7 Mushishi Is A Slow & Episodic Journey

Anime Mushishi Ginko standing over a pool of water in the forest


   For those who prefer to slow down and enjoy the scenery, Mushishi is the perfect series. Unlike most anime, the series takes its time to tell a story. Instead of charging head-first into action, it slowly unfolds, delving deep into the emotional aspect of the setting, characters, and situations.

   Some might find this type of series boring, but it’s definitely a nice and relaxing departure from the typical stories found in modern anime. With its laid-back style and episodic format, viewers can pick it up at any point and still enjoy it.

   6 Lupin III Has Many Series, Spin-Offs, & Movies

A close-up image of the titular protagonist of Lupin III


   Lupin III has been around for as long as most anime fans can remember. It’s one of the most iconic anime franchises of all time, not to mention one of the longest. Since its debut, Lupin III has had countless anime series, multiple spin-offs, and several movies.

   For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily for newcomers, there’s not much continuity between each release, so viewers can start watching from any point. Though some will argue that there is a certain order that’s best to follow, fans can watch Lupin III in just about any order and love it all the same.

   5 The ’90s Sailor Moon Anime Has An Overarching Yet Formulaic Storyline

A group shot of the Inner Sailor Guardians in Sailor Moon.


   The ’90s Sailor Moon series is one of the most iconic anime of all time. However, even this beloved classic has its flaws. One thing that many fans have pointed out about the series is that it’s very formulaic in nature, with each arc feeling relatively the same as the last.

Though this is frustrating for some, it actually makes Sailor Moon an easy series to watch out of order. While there’s still an overarching plot to keep up with, the format of every story arc never changes, making it easy for newcomers to get up to speed pretty quickly.

   4 Detective Conan Is So Long That Viewers Can Start Watching From Any Point

Shinichi Kudo and Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan


   Detective Conan is yet another ongoing series with a huge franchise. Though it’s been decades since it first started, this beloved detective series is still going strong with no signs of stopping any time soon. Given its length, those who have yet to get into the series find it a bit intimidating to start.

   Lucky for them, Detective Conan’s long length and episodic nature make it much easier to start than one would think. After watching the first episodes and getting a grasp of the plot, viewers can watch the series from any given point and still manage to keep up with ease.

   3 Pokémon Fans Don’t Have To Start The Anime From The Beginning

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Ash and Goh


   Since its debut back in 1997, Pokémon has been a staple of anime and a household name. Over the many years it’s been around, the anime has had several series, movies, and TV specials, making it one of the longest anime series out there. But despite its length, Pokémon is a very easy series to get into.

   Every season works well as stand-alone series, making them much easier to get through for the average viewer. Fans don’t need to start from the beginning of the series or even watch every season to understand the plot. This makes Pokémon the perfect series to pick up and put down, which is probably part of why it’s lasted for so many years.

   2 Dragon Ball Is Worth Starting From Any Point

Cast of Dragon Ball Super


   The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most well-known anime franchises of all time. Debuting in the late ’80s, it’s had multiple series over the decades that have helped make it one of the biggest names in anime. But for those who have never watched a Dragon Ball series, it’s hard to know where to start.

   Of course, it’s always good to start from the very beginning with the original series, but newcomers can actually jump in at any point and not miss anything. With so many story arcs and episodes to get through, sometimes skipping around can help, and thankfully, Dragon Ball is the perfect series for that.

   1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Split Into Individual Story Arcs

Where To Watch Every JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series Online


   Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most famous examples of an anime fans don’t have to watch in order. This is all thanks to how the series is set up. Though the story follows the same family all the way through, each part stars a brand-new protagonist, mixing things up with every new season.

   Each part of the series has its own self-contained story, and though the entire series is connected, every story works as a standalone series. As a result, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is very newcomer-friendly and easy to keep up with.

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